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Speedflying Foundation Course Iquique, Chile

Speedflying Foundation Course

Multiple dates and times


Event dates

  • Tour One: 1 May – 8 May, 2021
  • Tour Two: 8 May – 15 May, 2021

Event outline

Skiandfly & Speedfly-USA have partnered up to offer students from all over the world a safe entry into the thrilling sport of Speedflying. This is your chance to grab a spot on our 6 day Speedfly & Paraglide Foundation Training Course at this world-renowned flight-training *paradise* in coastal Chile.You might have heard about Iquique, and about the giant sand dunes located in the North of Chile. This legendary paragliding location boasts the most consistent flying conditions in the world year-round, over an enormous training area Cerro Dragon or “The Dragon Hill” is a spectacular sand dune about 4 km long, varying in height from 150 to 500 meters, which makes it the largest urban sand dune in the world.The dunes at various heights, in combination with the consistent flying conditions, create the perfect environment to safely progress into the sport of flying small canopies (Speed Flying) down the terrain. Additionally there will be lots of opportunity to advance your paragliding skills, and to fly paragliders and mini wings of all sizes.T

The event is suitable for pilots with the following skill set:

  • Entry Level pilots with no paraglide experience who are aiming to get into Speedflying
  • Advanced Paragliders who are keen to progress into flying Speedwings
  • Advanced Speedflyers who want to explore a new flying site

Check out this video to get an idea of what this place has on offer

In the event of Covid-related travel restrictions, course-dates may shift from early-May to early-June. Your deposit is FULLY REFUNDABLE, as we honor the difficulty of creating firm plans in uncertain times — however, your deposit now “locks-in” your slot to attend this limited-space event.

**Based on your experience level we will be running separate groups working on different skill sets. Pilots of all levels will be able to boost their skills from practicing kiting, small & big wing handling, launches at the dunes of Palo Buque, working on their paragliding skill-sets, thermalling techniques, small-wing soaring, fine-tuning top and side-hill landings.

Iquique flying sites are a perfect place for fresh pilots to practice — and for more advanced pilots to progress their skills in an incredible way by logging a lot of airtime.

A typical flying day will start in the morning with weather review and a briefing. If we decide to stay that day in Iquique’s immediate area we will head to Alto Hospicio launch. Prior to flying we will always visit Landing Zones and discuss landing approaches, take-off techniques, and available flying lines. You being trained, informed and safe is our priority. We will usually land on a beach for lunch, and then we continue our training to Palo Buque for an afternoon and sunset dune flying and kiting session.

If we decide in the morning to head farther away from Iquique, either North toward Junin and Tiliviche sites or South toward other sites, we will spend the whole day flying these more remote sites and we will return to the town in time for dinner. This schedule will allow you to train and fly for over 5 hours per day. If you are not accustomed to that much wing time, you are welcome to take it slower and get lots of rest at night. Remember that in Iquique you can fly until you have had enough. It will likely be possible to fly the whole day, every day of the tour!

On arrival to Iquique each participant will receive an informational packet with flying locations, descriptions, and practical information. During the tour, instructions for novice pilots will be focused on high-wind kiting and launching, top-landings, side-hill landings, and precision spot-landings. Intermediate pilots will be coached in advanced launching techniques, high-wind soaring, Iquique thermals and advanced paragliding techniques.


For our participants we have chosen to stay at one of the four-star upscale beach-front hotels such as Terrado Cavancha, Gran Cavancha and the NH Iuique hotel. Pilots will stay in large rooms with big windows. You will get your own double room with either ocean or mountain view and your own bathroom. The rooms have complimentary wireless internet. Every morning there is served an all-you-can-eat hearty buffet breakfast with local specialties. And above all the two main beach LZs are in front of the building, just 300 yards away. You can walk right to your room after landing for a traditional Chilean siesta nap between your morning and afternoon flights.


  • Arrival at Iquique, Chile airport (IQQ)
  • Departure from Iquique, Chile airport (IQQ)

Pricing/Tickets (Deposit required: USD50)

To provide the best possible service the number of participants is limited to 15. Therefore it is essential to reserve your spot at this adventure early. Additionally there is a significant discount for those who reserve their spot early.

  • If paid before March 15: USD1,895
  • If paid after March 15: USD1,995
  • Last minute late bookings after April 15: USD2,240 (pending availability); For further information please contact Chris Doerfel at [email protected], +61405174027 or Carl Weiseth at [email protected],+1 (360) 389-2467


The day between Tour One and Two and Tour Three and Four is a travel day for participants coming for one tour only. For participants coming for two whole tours it is a flying day, too!

Included in the Price of the Tour

  • Great adventure, Amazing learning curve, lots of fun and a logbook full of new flights
  • English speaking Speedflyers and paragliding guides
  • Accommodation in a beachfront upscale hotel
  • Transfers from Iquique airport (airport code IQQ)
  • Unlimited transportation to and from flying sites in desert ready 4×4 vehicles
  • Retrieves from landing zones and cross country landings
  • Flying site beta (flying zone descriptions and local tips)
  • Extensive daily briefings and weather information
  • Paperwork and flight registration with Chilean aviation authorities
  • Technical speedflying and paragliding instruction
  • Transportation to optional evening group meals
  • Special custom tour t-shirt

If you need special arrangements for your arrival and stay please do not hesitate to contact us and we will make sure all your needs are met.

Wing & harness sales

A wing & harness package usually retails at USD2,500. Our customers can choose between the following options:

  1. Pre-order a wing when signing up for the camp and only pay USD1895 (Save USD600)
  2. Hire a wing & harness for the duration of the course for USD595 and get the option to purchase the wing at the end of the course for USD1,605 (Save USD300)
  3. Purchase a wing during the course and pay USD2,200 (Save USD300)
  4. Skiandfly customers have access to discounted equipment rates at any time. Discounted wing & harness package for USD2,395 (Save USD105)

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