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The Brave 3 is the ultimate Speed Riding and Speed Flying harness, ultra-comfortable, lightweight and features a very practicable reversible harness/backpack. It offers optimum mobility for Speed Riding with skis and it is perfectly suitable for Speed Flying. It’s super light, less bulky and is perfectly suited to off-piste and wild area use.


The ultimate and probably most versatile Speed Riding and Speed Flying Harness. The versatility is achieved through easily installable additional options, like a LTF-certified airbag-set, speed system-set and rescue-set (front container with a very light rescue). The materials used for the Brave 3 are high-quality and robust and carefully chosen to guarantee for high durability and light weight.

Swing lowered the weight of the harness by another 100g compared to its predecessor the Brave2. Additionally the backpack has been optimised and offers lots of space even fitting standard gliders and other useful stuff. The backpack volume is nicely compressible and the back part has been reworked for optimum carrying comfort, suitable for long hikes. Both in backpack mode and flying mode, the harness is prepared for popular hydration systems. The backpack offers attachment options for skis and poles and a large pocket for all your additional gear. In flying mode you will find a pocket under your right leg suitable to pack away the Speed Riding stash bag or a pair of gloves.

Harness features

  • Leg straps single suspension
  • Floating shoulder straps
  • Adjustable back incline
  • Outlet for drinking hose
  • Emergency whistle on chest strap
  • Including light-weight automatic carabiners
  • Leg connectors for more comfortable flying
  • Pocket for speed bag in leg strap
  • Big Pocket on the back part
  • Ready for speed system-set
  • Ready for adaptive SWING Protector light, LTF certified
  • Ready for optional front container with light weight rescue(Escape)
  • 1800 gr light
  • 155cm – 195cm, one size
  • Harness certification according LTF

Backpack features

  • Sufficient volume for paraglider/speed rider/hybrid
  • Great carrying comfort, ventilation-system on the back, ergonomic shoulder straps, reworked back part and backpack cut.
  • Big pocket for your accessories
  • Attachment options for skis & poles
  • SWING net on the side for ventilation
  • Compression straps on the sides
  • Emergency whistle on the chest strap
  • Outlet for drinking hose
  • Hand loops for comfortable hiking
  • Optimized hip-belt for increased comfort, even on long tours

 Optional Accessories

A) Speed system-set (complete package)

  • High-quality harken block pulleys
  • Adapter/connector set for easy installation
  • Free-Spee speed system
  • Can remain permanently on the harness

B) Rescue-set (complete package)

  • Easy and fast installation
  • SWING Escape M
  • V-Line
  • Rescue weight only 1050gr incl. inner container
  • Can remain permanently on the harness
  • Superlight front container
Weight N/A
Optional extras

Speed system-set, Escape M rescue-set, Not required


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