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The Body 2.0 | Neo



The Body by NEO harness has been specifically designed for speedriding;  With a focus on the pilot’s body in a freeride ski position. This totally new design approach gives the rider a real ski position while making the transitions back to seated flight smooth and effortless.

The Body 2.0 is the improved version of the original.  This Speed Ride harness keeps the strong features of its predecessor with a geometry completely dedicated to speedriding. Its locking system enables the pilot to put the harness on even when one has skis on.

What’s new on the 2.0 version of “The Body”?

  • A better ergonomy and more comfort
  • Independent and more precise locking and setting systems
  • A bigger back pocket (25L) with multiple storage pockets
  • The leg straps are to be inserted in a sheath for more comfort
  • Camelbag passage on the left shoulder
  • Removable sitting support for longer flights or soaring flights
  • The harness attachment points are located more closely to the body for a natural standing position, even when the glider lifts overhead, or when the skier leans to the side in an upright ski posture – throughout all ski movements, the harness allows the wing to be controlled independantly.

For the legs NEO developed truly independent leg straps which allow creativity when freeriding steep slopes without causing the wing to be sent in an opposing direction by skiing weight shift. When combined with the NEO X-Ride and S-Ride, the Body 2.0 harness creates a synergistic relationship between the pilot and the wing, in which the skier leads and the wing follows.

Beginner pilots and riders will experience a more forgiving behaviour on take-off, with softer roll and less aggressive wing reactions, speeding their progression.

The body by NEO includes the latest technology in back protection : The Koroyd Propack. This extremely thin, light and breathable protection has a huge power of energy deceleration on impact.

The Body 2.0 has a large back pocket to store your glider bag when you ride as well as multiple storage pockets. A lateral pocket allows you to put your fast-packing bag before taking off. An automatic clip on the shoulder strap allows you to clip the NEO Speed pack (incl. with the NEO gliders or available in option), for the skiing transition without glider.

The Body 2.0 is secured by three manual buckles, easily adjustable. The harness should be used with the leg straps tightly secured for optimum comfort and more precision on the handling.

The Body 2.0 will offer riders of all levels, who love skiing, to discover or rediscover speedriding, and enter a new dimension, the 3rd dimension.

The body 2.0 is delivered with :

  • NEO Body 2.0 (3 sizes : S – M – L)
  • Pilot size / pilot size: S <165cm, M =165/180cm, L =175/190cm, XL >190cm
  • The Koroyd Propack protector
  • Body flying pad amovible
  • A removable sitting support
  • 2 Austrialpin Stratus carabiners (optional)
  • Certification: EN1651
  • Weight: 980 grams (without carabiners)
  • Materials: NEO is a France based company with all items made in Europe.

Additional information

Weight N/A

Small, Medium, Large

Optional extras

AUSTRIALPIN Stratus Aluminium carabiners (63 g), Not required


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